The Panel

The Panel for the CiC Code of Practice consists of representatives from six Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and six non-DNOs. The non-DNO Panel members are drawn from Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs), Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and customers from across the industry. Panel meetings are attended by observers from Ofgem, Lloyd’s Register and a customer representative. The current Panel members are listed below.

DNO Panel members:

Company Panel member      Deputy Panel member
Electricity North West     Brian Hoy Tracey Taylor
SSE Networks Daniel Mellis Maryline Guinard
National Grid 
Electricity Distribution  
Kyle Smith

Kelly McLaughlin

Northern Powergrid Clare Roberts Jeff Graham
SP Energy Networks Beverley Hudson Steve McLaren
UK Power Networks Matt Crittenden Simon Barons

Non-DNO Panel members:

Organisation Panel member(s)     Deputy Panel member
Independent Networks Association   David Overman Colin Jamieson
Unmetered Connections Customer Group    Gareth Pritchard Chris Roe
Metered Connections Customer Group Neil Fitzsimons Jayson Whitaker
Metered Connections Customer GroupPatrick Daly


Tessa Hall – Ofgem
Paul Costelloe - Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) Provider)
TBC – Customer Representative for the Home Builders Federation

Code Administrator:

The Energy Networks Association acts as Code Administrator for the CiC Code of Practice. It will look to follow Ofgem’s Code Administrator Code of Practice (CACoP) wherever possible.

The CiC Code of Practice seeks to follow the principles set out in the CACoP, and Ofgem’s approved changes to CACoP 26th August 2015 will mean that the CiC Code of Practice will ensure that it communicates with industry codes.

Please click here to view the Code Administration Code of Practice Version 4 – 26 August 2015.